Two business leaders from Leipzig, Germany are in Plymouth this week to further develop business relationships. This comes after a similar visit back in June led to a €650,000 deal between two firms.

Plymouth’s Tellus Education Group signed a deal with English-born director of languages from the ICC Sprachinstitut, James Parsons.

Now, Mr Parsons is back in Plymouth to develop further links not only with Tellus but several other local businesses as well.

Joining him on his visit in Plymouth is Dr Jorg Wellner, head of the communications technology business in eastern Germany. Mr Wellner is evaluating security projects with Plymouth companies.

The two German business leaders are expected to arrive on Thursday, November 5.

In a public statement, Dr Wellner explained that he is looking forward to meeting business leaders at Audax, Securi-Guard, and Applied Automation  where they want to discuss security measures at the proposed Hinkley Point power plant.

Dr Wellner also intends to meet the heads at c Lever Students Lets where they want to discuss security measures in regards to student accommodation.