More parents in the United Kingdom choose private schools for children. There are many reasons for this and I want to go over some of the advantages of private schools here in this blog post.

A lot of families today want the best education for their children. The standard classes such as math and geography alone are often not cutting it.

There is more when it comes to the education of your children, such as having them participate in classes dedicated to arts, music and of course the wide range of available sports today.

Public schools are often seeing those activities as less important.

Let me just say it straight out, we entirely disagree with that stance.

Things like music education and sports can play an important role when it comes to your children’s education.

Is often those fields where your children can learn responsibility or were they can can discover a passion the didn’t even know they had.

You could say that private, independent schools in the United Kingdom by and large are offering a better rounded education more opportunities for your children to grow and to learn.

Aside from the often better choices, private schools have another big advantage: they will in all likelihood significantly increase your children’s chances to get a better job. Employers today take a very close look at CVs and here in particular what schools your children have visited. It has been shown that those children who attended private independent schools have better chances to get hired.

For those parents who are still debating whether a private school would be worth it, consider those above benefits. And let’s be honest, what can be more important than the education of your children?

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The London Weekend Guide for March 13

If you happen to be in London UK and know already what you want to do this coming weekend, March 13 then you can skip this.

For all others, here are some great tips for the coolest places to go and things to do in the British capital this coming weekend!

The “Go Guide” at The Standard can be a great help if you are too busy to think about what’s happening next week.

Now, let’s start with the most important thing: Mother’s Day this coming Sunday! It’s just natural that you will may be interested in some cool spots say if you’re looking for a last-minute gift or if you are looking for a place where delicious afternoon tea.


There is also a new exhibition in town which I can highly recommend to you. It’s the Alexander McQueen retrospective hosted by the V&A. Check out their site at to learn all about it!

Cool Designer Dining Sets

I really love the dining sets by Mac+Wood!

reclaimed wood table-set-2



What can I say, they’re ideal for a cafe or restaurant and look so much better than the run-off-the-mill bar furniture you can get elsewhere.

What I like even more about their designs is that their dining tables and benches are made from reclaimed wood. So basically what this means is you’ll also be doing something for the environment with those sets!

While Mac+Wood’s furniture may not be the cheapest around I think it’s an investment more than worth it:

The pieces are also incredibly sturdy and rugged so they will sure last a long time to come!

I can highly recommend those reclaimed furniture dining sets if you’re looking for something classy and cool for your own cafe!