What Is Electronic Invoicing?


If you own a business and have never heard of electronic invoicing you might want to read this.

If you switch your business to electronic invoicing you may be able to save considerable time and money.

Simply spoken, electronic invoicing can provide your business with the same and many more advantages as can email as compared to traditional mail.

One of the benefits of e-invoice is that you can receive and send invoices instantly. This means there won’t be any delays any longer until your invoice is being processed.

Since all your invoicing data will be in digital format and you won’t need to manually transfer invoices from paper into your computer system this likewise means less potential errors.

The management and organisation of invoices is also made a lot easier once you can access all your invoicing data at one centralised place.

For large businesses that face a large amount of invoices on a daily basis is not uncommon that they require dedicated staff and a mailroom. In such cases, electronic invoicing can help to free those resources significantly.

The switch to electronic invoicing does not require any type of major investment or special equipment.

You and your employees can make the switch easily and effortlessly.

For more information on electronic invoicing and how it can help your business save money you can find more information at Electronic Invoicing. If you have not done the switch to electronic invoicing yet, now might be the best time to do it!

Two business leaders from Leipzig, Germany are in Plymouth this week to further develop business relationships. This comes after a similar visit back in June led to a €650,000 deal between two firms.

Plymouth’s Tellus Education Group signed a deal with English-born director of languages from the ICC Sprachinstitut, James Parsons.

Now, Mr Parsons is back in Plymouth to develop further links not only with Tellus but several other local businesses as well.

Joining him on his visit in Plymouth is Dr Jorg Wellner, head of the communications technology business in eastern Germany. Mr Wellner is evaluating security projects with Plymouth companies.

The two German business leaders are expected to arrive on Thursday, November 5.

In a public statement, Dr Wellner explained that he is looking forward to meeting business leaders at Audax, Securi-Guard, and Applied Automation  where they want to discuss security measures at the proposed Hinkley Point power plant.

Dr Wellner also intends to meet the heads at c Lever Students Lets where they want to discuss security measures in regards to student accommodation.


I must’ve been to at least 20 wedding receptions already, but Jane and Daryl’s reception was definitely the most fun and most memorable of all of them!

I think that The Singing Waiters had a huge part in that the reception was really a blast!

To be honest, if you ask me, I don’t even remember what sort of music or band was playing at any of the other receptions before that – but one thing is for sure, I won’t ever forget these fantastic singing waiters. I can now understand why everyone in London is talking about them and why they’re often booked out months in advance.

Jane and Daryl did a really great job taking taking everyone at the reception by surprise! Of course no one of the guests knew the singing waiters were there, until they started singing and dancing later in the afternoon. It must have been just the right time because people really went nuts and everyone started to clap and to dance with them.

What I liked most about the Singing Waiters was that they first started out with some insanely well done hits that everyone knew…and later at night they did a more “serious” performance with some jazz and even a classical piece thrown in. Each time I was blown away because those guys really know how to sing!

If you have a wedding reception planned I can highly recommend that you give the singing waiters a shot! I don’t think it’s smart to waste one of the most memorable days of your life with some average band that will be forgotten the next day!

Cool Designer Dining Sets

I really love the dining sets by Mac+Wood!

reclaimed wood table-set-2



What can I say, they’re ideal for a cafe or restaurant and look so much better than the run-off-the-mill bar furniture you can get elsewhere.

What I like even more about their designs is that their dining tables and benches are made from reclaimed wood. So basically what this means is you’ll also be doing something for the environment with those sets!

While Mac+Wood’s furniture may not be the cheapest around I think it’s an investment more than worth it:

The pieces are also incredibly sturdy and rugged so they will sure last a long time to come!

I can highly recommend those reclaimed furniture dining sets if you’re looking for something classy and cool for your own cafe!

Today we can find a large number of devices on the market that help with fire detection and fire prevention, either for private households or for commercial use such as for businesses.

In recent times we have even seen smoke detectors on the market that won’t require any maintenance and battery replacement for 10 years. Most of those devices are reasonably priced and you can get them almost anywhere today.

But then there can be locations and places were proper fire prevention is not that easy as to simply install a number of smoke detectors.

What if you want to detect fires out in the open, say if you need to monitor a large area such as a forest, sports stadium,  festival premises or a very large factory?

This is were fire detection cameras have recently shown very effective. A fire camera works by digital image analysing and processing. This has the advantage that it doesn’t need to be near a fire or smoke to detect a potential blaze. A fire camera may be several hundred metres away  from a fire’s origin plus it can also overview a much larger area as compared to most conventional fire detection systems.

Fire cameras have another advantage, this is that they can alert about a fire or smoke without much a delay.

Those  five spotting systems are able to automatically summon the fire brigade. By triggering an automatic alarm at the earliest possible time,  fires can be detected and subsequently fought before they can cause major harm to people or structures. Most companies and businesses can easily integrate a fire spotting camera into their existing CCTV camera system.

Time magazine has a cool and very helpful list of some of the best apps if you travel for business often.

Today, travelling can be as convenient that you won’t need more than your smart phone to be able to manage everything from obtaining your flight tickets to booking into your hotel.

But aside from those travel essentials are many more cool apps out there today that help you with almost anything such as finding the nearest ATM, the best restaurants in your area or were can get free Wi-Fi.

The best thing about those apps on the list is that many of them are free or cost only little money.

So if you’re travelling often I recommend you see the list at http://time.com/3831428/21-best-apps-business-travelers/ and check out those apps.


More parents in the United Kingdom choose private schools for children. There are many reasons for this and I want to go over some of the advantages of private schools here in this blog post.

A lot of families today want the best education for their children. The standard classes such as math and geography alone are often not cutting it.

There is more when it comes to the education of your children, such as having them participate in classes dedicated to arts, music and of course the wide range of available sports today.

Public schools are often seeing those activities as less important.

Let me just say it straight out, we entirely disagree with that stance.

Things like music education and sports can play an important role when it comes to your children’s education.

Is often those fields where your children can learn responsibility or were they can can discover a passion the didn’t even know they had.

You could say that private, independent schools in the United Kingdom by and large are offering a better rounded education more opportunities for your children to grow and to learn.

Aside from the often better choices, private schools have another big advantage: they will in all likelihood significantly increase your children’s chances to get a better job. Employers today take a very close look at CVs and here in particular what schools your children have visited. It has been shown that those children who attended private independent schools have better chances to get hired.

For those parents who are still debating whether a private school would be worth it, consider those above benefits. And let’s be honest, what can be more important than the education of your children?

The above tips are brought to you by Kingshottschool. If you’re looking for good private schools in Hertfordshire, the Kingshootschool should be high on your list!

The London Weekend Guide for March 13

If you happen to be in London UK and know already what you want to do this coming weekend, March 13 then you can skip this.

For all others, here are some great tips for the coolest places to go and things to do in the British capital this coming weekend!

The “Go Guide” at The Standard can be a great help if you are too busy to think about what’s happening next week.

Now, let’s start with the most important thing: Mother’s Day this coming Sunday! It’s just natural that you will may be interested in some cool spots say if you’re looking for a last-minute gift or if you are looking for a place where delicious afternoon tea.


There is also a new exhibition in town which I can highly recommend to you. It’s the Alexander McQueen retrospective hosted by the V&A. Check out their site at http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/exhibition-alexander-mcqueen-savage-beauty/ to learn all about it!